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Date d'inscription : 22/04/2011

MessageSujet: <~ANNOUNCEMENT~>   Lun 23 Jan 2012 - 5:39

Greetings S.T.A.L.K.E.R.s ...

Many of you may remember me ...

The fellow who initially merged NS + DMX into a somewhat functional conglomeration, then tweaked it up a bit, and offered it to the masses many months ago ... initially as dkz-01 ... and then heavily reworked, and later released as what has come to be known here as <~Narodnaya Soljanka : DMX 1.32 : dkz-02~>

I was forced to withdraw from the mod for quite some time because of some drastic changes in my life ... moving to a new city, new job, etc. etc.. blah blah blah ....

Well ... now I'm back ...

A lot has happened since 'dkz-02' ... especially under the capable manipulations of TecnoBacon, along with my good friend DAVRoS .. it has since evolved, and then re-emerged as something better ...


Even though I may have not been active in posting comments here on the forum ... I have certainly been paying attention, and now we come to this new juncture within such an awesome adventure ...

Myself, TecnoBacon, and DAVRoS have been communicating as of late, and it has been decided that I should once again become involved in the Project, and it's future development, as our skill sets certainly seem to compliment one another, as well as sharing a common interest in the overall direction that the Project seems to be taking

I am looking forward to working on NS/DMX/SS with great pleasure, and anticipation, and felt it worthwhile sharing this news with everyone here on the Forum ... because, without the high level of support that this Project has had from fellow S.T.A.L.K.E.R.s since it's inception ... it certainly wouldn't be what it has come to be ... and what it will continue to become well into the future ...

I'm back
I'm glad
I'm excited

So ... let's get this adventure started, shall we?!

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Admin & Moddeur

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MessageSujet: Re: <~ANNOUNCEMENT~>   Lun 23 Jan 2012 - 6:11

Very nice reflection DKZ! we also believe that this adventure of DMX mode and all the progress made ​​to the time it was very entertaining!

Many will be glad of your return and will continue to bring you aid and moral support for your next release and especially
encourage you to make us enjoy your creations Of course I speak also Tecnobacon (TB3D) and Davros who do an outstanding job!

So on behalf of the Directors we welcome you!

And that this return is bright and full of bounce!

Boutch71 ...

- Nature Winter 2.3 Black Edition (Eng v1.01 Deluxe by Boutch71) Official Release ~
- NS DMX 1.3.5 ENGMOD EDITION by Boutch71 v1.0 Beta+addon by Saruman 1.1.. ~
- DMX 1.3.4 English Edition v1.07b by Boutch71 - 1322012 ~
- Add-On New Weapons Pack Vol.1 By Boutch71 ~
- L'expérience est un maitre étrange qui désapprend ce qu'il vous a enseigné!
- Martin F.Turpper - Proverbial Philosophy - 1838.
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Modo & Editeur

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MessageSujet: Re: <~ANNOUNCEMENT~>   Lun 23 Jan 2012 - 15:11

It 's a great news !
Welcome in 2012 on StalkerForEver very happy
I am happy with your return


He was a Good Stalker

Your War My War......Your Enemy My Enemy

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MessageSujet: Re: <~ANNOUNCEMENT~>   Lun 23 Jan 2012 - 20:44

Excellent, good new.

Now, wait and see. Evil or Very Mad
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MessageSujet: Re: <~ANNOUNCEMENT~>   

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